Cryogenic Fuels Inc. (CFI), a Virginia corporation, was founded in 1987 with the specific business objective of providing a fully integrated liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicular fuel system that would enable bus and truck, fleet operators to use LNG as a substitute fuel for diesel.

Areas of technical expertise include the design, installation and operation of LNG vehicular fuel tanks, dispenser metering systems and fueling facilities. In addition, CFI has agency agreements with suppliers and manufacturers of LNG liquefaction plants, bulk transport trailers and stationary & transportable LNG bulk storage tanks. CFI can provide the overall, "systems integration" that is required for the liquefaction, transportation, storage, distribution and end-use of this domestic resource as a vehicular fuel.

The availability and distribution of natural gas (methane) in the liquid, cryogenic state (LNG) can make a significant contribution to the utilization of this American energy resource as a transportation fuel. It has also been demonstrated that natural gas in its liquid state is clearly the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable method of facilitating its end-use as a transportation fuel.